Senior Spotlight: Hannah Finney

Kelsey Swanson

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Hannah Finney is a senior at Austin High School. Hannah enjoys doing many things in her free time and a few of those hobbies include playing cello, working out, trying new things, and hanging out with her boyfriend.

After high school Hannah is going to go into the Marine’s for at least eight years to be a Boeing aircraft mechanic because she has always wanted to be part of the military. She has always wanted to be part of something bigger than herself.

When she was asked what she thinks is so important about music in today’s society she said it can heal a soul and it can say the words that people are afraid to say. For example it has helped her through rough times and it has been able to say the words she is afraid to say.

Hannah thinks it would be much better to be a teen in the eighty’s instead of today because it would have been a lot easier. There was not social media to hurt people with and it would not affect other people’s lives. There was also a lot less violence than there is today, so people’s lives were not as dramatically affected like it is today with all the violence.

Hannah is very hopeful for her future. She cannot wait to see what her future is going to hold. She is very excited to get out of Austin and graduate from high school. She feels that the town curfew which is midnight is a very good time and she thinks everyone should obey it, so that they don’t get in trouble with the cops. She also thinks that if there was not a town curfew there would be a lot of more violent things that would happen in the town which would make crime rates higher.

Hannah wishes to graduate the Marines, give a life to her family and live a life.

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