Senior Spotlight: Kelsey Swanson

Hannah Finney

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Kelsey Swanson, 17, was born and raised in Austin Mn, Spam Town USA. She lives with her mother, father, and younger brother. Kelsey enjoys how quiet and small Austin is and feels it makes it easier to live here. She personally thinks her brother is annoying and can be a pain in the butt, but she enjoys spending quality time with him. She also thinks he a very smart and funny young man.

When asked what Kelsey wanted to do after school, she replied with, “Going to Riverland Community College with the free scholarship from the school.” After two years she will transfer, preferably to, Winona State University and will be studying with the nursing department to become a pediatrician.

Eventually, once she has got her job, life, and future set up with a loving husband of her own, she would like to have three to four children. She says she loves children and enjoys spending time with them.

When Kelsey gets up in the morning, the first thing she does is check her phone. After that, she gets dressed, brushes her teeth, grabs her stuff, and runs out the door so she’s not late to school. But, before she leaves she always has to double check to make sure she didn’t forget anything at home.

Kelsey is a senior this year and enjoys all the perks of it. Such as, having seniority rules and being able to be the big dogs of Austin high school. She also feels she is making more memories this year more than any other because it is her last year.

Kelsey has a lot of free time on her hands when she doesn’t have homework. Sometimes she likes to just drive around and listen to music just to clear her head and enjoy herself. Other times she likes to hang out with her friends and bug her little brother for her own enjoyment.

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