Senior Spotlight: Paige Klingfus

Paige Meyer

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Paige Klingfus is one of the many seniors that attend Austin High School. She has lived here her whole life, but she stands out.

Paige’s love for animals makes her one of a kind. She currently has a dog named Rocky and four cats, Nubs, Kyle, Cali, and Finn. Cali is a calico. She was a rescue from her mom’s friend, she is eight years old. Nubs was rescued from Brownsdale, she is two years old and only has three legs. When Nubs was one, he had a major surgery to remove part of his fourth leg. Finnagen is one, and Kyle is four months old. Paige says she loves animals because they are good companions and they are very loving, interesting, and cool.

Not only is Paige one of a kind with her love for animals, but she also is an exciting and fun person to be around. She always finds a way to brighten up your day with her sarcastic humor.  After she graduates from high school, she is going to attend the University of Wisconsin, Platteville, and get her doctorate in veterinarian studies.

Paige said her favorite high school memory so far is getting close with friends and teachers and getting unforgettable bonds. She loves to do outdoor activities, such as fishing, driving around on her four-wheeler, and snowmobiling.

If Paige could live anywhere in the world, she said she would want to live in Germany. She has family members that live in Germany, she also says it‘s very beautiful and she loves the fact that it has free colleges.

One thing Paige would like to say is,” high school is a very fun part of your life, have fun with every memory.”


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