Senior Spotlight: Paige Meyer

Paige Meyer

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When it comes down to be a senior at Austin high school, Paige Meyer looks forward to spending long nights with friends, going to McDonalds to get a cheese burger and attend sporting events. Paige moved from Houston, TX back in 2015 to come to lovely spam town USA. She enjoys running around Austin with her best friends. Even though Paige was born and raised in Texas she is a die heart Minnesota Vikings football fan.

Paige has enjoyed her senior year so far, but she is extremely excited to graduate. Paige has said that she is ready for adulthood and to attend college. Paige plans on attending Riverland Community College for two years with the Austin Assurance Scholarship. After getting her generals out of the way she wants to attend the four-year university, St. Cloud State. Paige isn’t 100% sure, what she is going to go for in college, but she is very interested in sociology and politics.

When Paige had moved to Austin she joined the volleyball and track team. She was in volleyball, cheer, and basketball before she moved. She has enjoyed playing volleyball the most out of any of her other sports she was in. Sadly, Paige ended her high school sports her junior year.

Even though senior year had just started little over a month ago, the time is flying by. Paige has been spending it with her friends and her dogs. Paige has two dogs, Sophie who is a black lab and Belle who is a little Shitzu.

When asking Paige about her favorite senior year moment so far, she responded with Battle of Connects. When asking why that was her favorite moment she had said, “finally being a senior and being able to win, the adrenaline just rushed through my body when they called out the seniors for 1st place.”

Since it’s senior year Paige wanted to leave a little message behind, “Enjoy every moment of high school, and be friendly with everyone around you! High school is the best years of your life don’t waste them.”

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