Senior Spotlight: Paige Meyer

Madelyn Lenz

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Paige Meyer is a senior at Austin High School. Paige moved here from Houston, Texas in 2015. She started here as a freshman and has been here for the four years. She was involved in track and volleyball freshman to junior year, but she decided to quit because of the amount of stress and her desire to have more time to be lazy, Paige doesn’t regret quitting these sports, but she does miss having fun at practices.

When asked who Paige’s favorite teachers are and they are Mrs. Pline and Mr. Zoske because, “they’re both really funny but they know how to get things done in class.” Paige is a student aid for Mr. Zoske this year to help him with his classes and his students. Paige’s favorite subject in high school is geometry because it is very interesting to her and she enjoys learning it.

Paige enjoys school, but she is also very excited to graduate and move on with her life and get on her feet onto adulthood. She can’t wait to get to college, make new friends and have a lot more opportunities. She plans to go to Riverland Community College for two years after graduation, then transfer to St. Cloud State University after that.

Paige mentioned her favorite person and that was Olivia Shapinsky, they’ve been best friends for four years, all throughout high school and now Olivia is like a sister to her. Best friends are needed through high school and having them for four years or more is very important, having a support system always is a great way to get through high school. Friends will always be there when you’re stressed out about school.

Paige adds, “High school will fly by in an instant, you won’t notice how fast it is going. You’ll be walking in the front doors of your new high school as a little freshman, scared of all the upperclassmen. Then you’ll be walking in senior year, knowing tons of people, friends, and teachers. Knowing where all your classes are. You’ll have your last Homecoming and then your last Prom and once that is all over you’ll be walking the graduation floor with all the people you grew up with. After graduating you’ll see everyone online, moving on and starting a great adult filled life. Growing up is such a bittersweet thing we don’t realize until we’re already walking the graduation floor.”

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