Senior Spotlight: Spencer Hunt

Cole Granle

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Spencer Hunt was born in Austin Minnesota, he grew up here and has lived his whole life here. He is a senior at the Austin Senior High School, home of the Austin Packers. He also plays for the Austin Packer football team and one of the reasons he likes it so much is because he likes being with friends.

He also likes the feeling of having his friends by his side and protecting each other like a family would. He enjoys being a senior at the high school because, “I get to be with and talk to friends all day.” Spencer really enjoys time being with his friends and he has a lot of them because he is very easy to get along with.

This year the Packer’s got a new football coach and Spencer think this year they will do well because of this change. Spencer believes his teammates will keep moving forward this school year and to always help each other out when they need it. Spencer credits some of the starting success of the team due to the new coach and says, “he pointed us in the right direction” Now it is our job as a team to keep moving in the right direction throughout the school year. He believes his team is better than everyone thinks and then they are doing so far this year.

Spencer is also going to the homecoming dance at the high school and he is taking Peyton Schmitz.

Spencer likes being on the football field more than most people enjoy eating food he also would like to continue playing after high school, he’s hoping to get a scholarship or just find a school that has a good program that he can play for. Spencer pushes himself to be the best person in school and out of school and to better himself throughout life.

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