Senior Spotlight:McKenzie Pirmantgen

Soe Meh

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McKenzie Pirmantgen is a young, beautiful girl growing up to be a mature adult at Austin high school. Born on September 27 ,2001 at Mayo Clinic. She had been living in Austin, Minnesota for her whole life and was also born there.

One thing that she likes about school is free education. She had found her passion by learning and having fun at school.

When asked what’s dream her dream job, McKenzie replied that she wants to become Air Force mechanic one day. The reason behind this, Mackenzie is good at math. Being good at Math and enjoying doing it will help her be ready to become Air Force Mechanic.

She is someone who loves to hang out with friends, have fun, and listen to music. Not only that, she says a bonfire is a great activity to end the night.

McKenzie stated that she loves all kinds of movies that grabs her attention. Some movies that she is attracted to is scary, comedy, adventure movies.

She has gone across the United States and experienced totally different places. One place she has enjoyed is Virginia. When she was there enjoying her time, she went to beaches, and long boarding down the hills. She also said that she saw the statues of Ariel from “Little Mermaid” and her father King Triton which was amazing.

Even though McKenzie has a lot of memories. She wants to do something before leaving the world.  Her first bucket list desire is to go sky-diving. Her second bucket list activity is to go deep sea diving since she loves the ocean. She also said that maybe in the future she wants to have a family after settling down. By getting her future job, and stable life she wants to be prepared for the future to buy house and have the money to keep it going on for the family.

The most important things before having a family is to travel the world with her love’s one (family and friends). Her last piece of advice for the high school students was to have as much fun as possible and make memories with friends and family. Because we only live once, go out, and get wild.



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