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Kaleb Blaser, Author

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Every fantasy player knows that there is nothing better than winning your week in fantasy, and the plays that help you do it. So who are some of those players making a difference? Or who are the players that should be making a bigger splash than they are, and on a sad note, who are some players that should be making a splash, but they cannot because they are on the injury list? Key performers for fantasy owners in the positions of QB, RB, and WR include

-QB’S: Big Ben Rothelisburger(71 points), Tom Brady(57points)

-WR’S: Sammie Coates (40 Points)

-David Johnson(32 points)

Victor Cruz returned this year after being  out all of last year due to injury with high expectations, but failed to meet those in the Monday night’s game between the Giants and the Packers. He caught zero passes for zero receiving yards, earning zero points for fantasy owners. Definitely a major let down for many who are active in the fantasy world.

On to the injuries, another big loss for owners this week was Minnesota’s star Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs sitting out. This season he has earned a total of 67 points, which may not sound like a lot, but he is a consistent player who helps win games.

For fun, we took a look at over productive plays in fantasy, who scored way more then they were projected, and the big one is Adam Vinatieri, the kicker from the Colts. He earned 23 points as a kicker! He hit all five kicks in Sundays game against the Chicago Bears, and currently has a streak of 38 unmissed field goals.

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