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Two Consecutive Wins!

Bobbie Thoma-Buschardt

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Take a deep breath, ready, set, perform is what the Austin gymnastics team has mastered. The Austin and Winona gymnastics teams went head to head at the Austin YMCA on December 15, 2016 to find out who will out perform the other team. Unlike other sports, the crowd is not yelling negativity but the crowd makes sure all gymnasts have encouragement. But like other sports the teams do have goals that they want to reach. Mr. Schmit the head coach explained that the girls are very driven and they have goals that they want to reach by the end of the year.

At the meet, the first event was the vault which Austin Varsity girls competed in. The crowd cheered as each of them set up to run and make the leap which they knew would set the tone for how they were going to do. The Austin girls know they have done well when the hear the cheers overwhelm them and a huge smile appears across their face. After the vault was the bars.  The support of the team was present throughout the meet. Even when Jennifer Boyle was asked was she proud of her teammates she responded, “Yes, I am very proud of them. They all work very hard.”

This was a home meet for the Austin Packers because the support of the crowd and proud parents were mainly yelling for the Austin team. The next event was for the Austin Junior Varsity on the vault which and they performed very well. The 4th rotation was for the Austin Varsity on the bars. Jenifer Boyle was asked one thing she did great that night and she humbly stated the bars is where she thought she did well. On beam was Austin Varsity. The girls showed great elegance in warm up and continued that for the real performance. Jennifer Boyle really stuck the landing and earned a 9.075 then she was followed by Maddie Mullenbach and she also had a great performance with a score of 9.375. After that event the Austin JV was on the on the floor. The floor is set to music with a bunch of tumbling passes pieced together with moves in between. Before each tumbling pass, the Austin gymnast takes a deep breath to still the moment and then proceeds to do command the pass. As the music changed tempo so did the moves of the gymnast.

Since varsity had their chance at the beam it was then JV’s turn. The JV were very consistent and showed great skills. Finally, on the floor was Varsity for Austin. Austin had some breath-taking performance that scored over a 9.0. The meet was over with Austin with the win at a score of 140.500-130.500 and Maddie Mullenbach won the all-around competition for the Austin Packers because she won all four events.

The gymnast throughout the night received feedback from their coaches which seemed to help since they all scored high. Another piece of insight given by head coach Mr. Schmit was how Gymnastics is just as much mental as it is physical and knowing that there are going to be set backs but not allowing those set back to hold you back but drive you to get better. This is a piece of advice that he is trying to instill into these gymnasts and it really showed through at this meet because when the girls stumble they got up and went on to do their best.

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Two Consecutive Wins!