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New Year’s Resolutions

Caylee Meier

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2017, a fresh new year. A time when we can forget about the past and focus on new beginnings. Often, the mark of a new year sparks the intention of a resolution for yourself. A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something, whether it be good or bad. The top 2017 resolutions consist of traveling more, spending less and saving more money, learning a new hobby, living life to the fullest, getting organized and with a 13.77 percent increase over last year, losing weight and getting healthy was the top resolution. When interviewed Rebecka Vargas, Austin High School Senior, stated that as a teen she found herself being a little more judgmental when unneeded, so because of that Becky decided that for the year of 2017 her resolution/ goal is to be nicer to others and treat everyone as she wishes to be treated. Also as a senior, 2017 being the year she’s been looking forward to for a while now for graduation, she wants to make it a great one.

Cindy Owens, a retired teacher and coach at AHS also has plans for this upcoming year. Her being the new grandma that she is, she plans on spending more time with her grandchildren while not always spending the cash on them. She does love them, but she states, “I tend to spend unnecessary money on them for things they don’t really need, they can only have so much crap.” Also, known for her coaching abilities in Volleyball, softball and so forth, Coach Owens plans on working to enhance her fitness throughout the year along with her coaching skills. Again, fitness is the top contender for resolutions each year.

In conclusion, A new year is a fresh start and a clean slate. The most popular new year’s resolution is to lose weight and for the year 2017, loosing weight has increased by 13.77 percent as a resolution. But, nowadays there are so many resolutions to pick from, such as traveling, being nice to others or maybe just saving a dollar or two here and there. Sometimes a new year means you don’t need to start over. Sometimes you have worked so hard your whole life that this is the year where you are finally content with yourself. And with that I must say Happy New year and Welcome 2017!

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New Year’s Resolutions