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Movie Review: Truth or Dare

Mariah Iverson

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Over the weekend me and my mother saw Truth or Dare on Friday March 20th. In my opinion the movie was totally worth seeing, Truth or Dare is more of a thriller then a horror movie. If you don’t know about the movie Truth or Dare it is about a group of friends who go to Mexico and are led to this abandoned church and  that is where it all began and when they get home something happens that may change their lives forever. In the movie the thing I enjoyed the best was the ending but I will not say what it is because I don’t want to spoil the ending for everyone. Interviewee Jessica Iverson (my mother) her opinion was she thought those college kids were dumb for following some random guy to an abandon church that there was even a sign that told them the area was restricted and how one person could be so stubborn that basically all of her friends end up dead

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Movie Review: Truth or Dare