Boys Soccer: Austin vs Red Wing

Kevin Ortiz

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Going into this game the Packers Boys Soccer held a six-game shutout streak. At the beginning of the game going into the first 13 minutes, Elisha Simerson scored the first goal for the Packers that lead them up 1-0 in the first 15 minutes from a corner by Kee Reh. But the Packers weren’t done yet, six minutes later the ball was moving more by the Packers where a big play from Andres, Mooday, and Kevin lead to a long ball to Henry in the 18th minute of the first half where he chips it over the goalkeeper which cause the Wingers to lose momentum in the game. This put the Packers on a 2-0 lead against the Red Wing Wingers in the first 30 minute of the half. The Packers are still looking for more opportunities in the first half to score but they had some unlucky shots that would have went in. The Packers are up 2-0 in the first half and going into the second and Juan Vera starts the second defense lineup. The Packers make a huge change in their lineup where starting defender Danny Vargas gets hurt in the half which causes him not playing for a few minutes of the 2nd half as a stopper, which has no weakness in the packer’s min the packers get another goal from a shot goal of the season and gives the Packers a 3-0 lead against the wingers. The Red Wing wingers start losing focus after that goal and play aggressively against the pack. You will see a lot of pushing and shoving during the last 20 minutes at the 2nd at the 76th min which causes them to score there first goal of the game and also  killing the packers six shutout streak. Every player very disappointed in themselves because there were not focusing on the last 4 minutes of the game and playing aggressively where the packers wanted to score more goals on them. Ref blew his whistle; the Packers win 3-1 with little frustration because of the mistake they made that lead the wingers kill their shutout streak.

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