Lyle Area Cancer Auction

Dylan Mittelsted

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Lyle has been doing a cancer auction for the past 39 years there 40th is January 18, 2019, it is from 6 pm until about twelve at night then they have another day which is Saturday from 11 pm until one am. They have almost reached the 3 million mark in total money raised to go to cancer research.

They need 184,000 this year to complete this goal its 12,000 more than last year’s amount. It took Lyle 28 years to reach 1 million then five years later they hit another million and now they are approaching another million. But has it has been a hard year for farmers the chairman of LAC is worried they will not reach this goal. It all started with them being happy with even making $1 and they still are happy if they make a dollar. But as cancer has affected many people all over especially close to home southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa have all came together to help raise a lot of money. Which has boomed Lyle’s Cancer Auction everybody is family there and we all love what we do as a whole. Each year many people come and donate between 1,500-1,800 items are donated and most of the items get rebid so people can make more money. They have had a lot of support from everywhere that’s why they call it Lyle Area Cancer Auction because it all started with small towns around Lyle but they have auctioneers from Michigan come over for the event that’s how big it has grown. By people spreading word and a big help from the media. But you have to come see it for yourself to really understand what it’s all about. Everyone works together for the event and help in many different ways and without that it wouldn’t be what it is today.